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You've been re-routed
to the Office of Too Frickin' Bad.
Hi guys! 
4th-Oct-2009 10:05 am
-> Does it seem to anyone else that I always start off entries saying "Hi guys"? I think it's mostly just my continued shock that people actually read this.

-> So I've gone through and finally moved all my old fiction over to magellanflies. It took an absolute age and I am so sick of linking entries I shall never do so again. I also condensed related stories into fewer posts, so if that drives anyone crazy I apologize profusely. Also, massive apologies for any linking errors I may have made - if they come to your attention do let me know.

-> In the spirit of moving my fiction and being less involved in fandom (see recent posts and even more telling lack-thereof) I'm finally going (mostly) friends-only. I've left a dozen entries or so public, but most of them have been f-locked. So if you read this journal regularly and I have not added you as a friend, comment to be added. If you can't see this entry, you'll need to comment to be added.

-> Haven't cut anyone yet, but it is probably coming. As always, most of you have nothing to worry about.

-> Also, I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year, and tremendously excited about that. I'm not doing fanfiction, which is something I'm even more excited about, but I would still love to keep up with any fanfic-writing buddies who are also doing it. So drop a note in the comments if you'd like to hook up on the site!
5th-Oct-2009 01:27 am (UTC)
Hi Sweetie! I hope you are doing well. I'm sorry sorry that I wrote in awhile, My laptop went to hell and I finally got it fixed...I've been using my iphone for like 4 months...well anyways...I hope you will keep me as your friend. Love ya (hugs)
5th-Oct-2009 02:42 pm (UTC)
No problems, Sumer! It's good to hear from you. Hope you're doing well! :)
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